Mind of Christ

In our walk with Christ, it is very important to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us and for us to make ourselves available and say “What would Christ do?”

I strongly believe that no matter what situation we find ourselves in, where we apply the reasoning of Christ and adhere to His word, a Godly outcome, one which glorifies God,  will be the end result, irrespective of whether it is good or bad from our own perception.

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Relationships: Am I Ready for it?

Greetings my friends.

I’d like to send a special welcome to the young men and women who are reading this post.

There will come a time where every young person in this day and age will consider being in a relationship. I touched on this aspect in an earlier post and it’s one of the beautiful things about being a human being.

The question that most young people would ask themselves are, “Am I ready for a relationship?” or “How do I know that I’m ready for one?” Make no mistake my friend, relationships are hard work. They require a whole lot of effort, time, affection and emotional maturity. One need to be fulfilled as an individual before committing to another.

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Authentic Masculinity: The Call of Man

In the world where absent fathers, the lack of role models and the lack of the practical building of the males self-esteem is rife, this page also serves to usher young males to find strength, purpose, healing and encouragement and to empower to those who feel they do not match nor live up to the expectations from men.

My brothers, this page is for you. My prayer is you is that you will be rebuilt with the knowledge of being an authentic man, through Jesus Christ, and that you will walk in application towards becoming who you are destined to be – Men.

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You vs the World – Part 1

My brothers and sisters.

I would like to share my Bible study notes with you on a topic that we all must have an awareness of.

Who truly runs the world? The politicians? The financiers? The lawyers? The media? The entertainment industry?

No. The one who runs the world is Satan.


Isaiah 14: 12 – 15 (KJV) provides insight around what I call the Event before Creation and explains how and why Satan, previously known as Lucifer, fell from Heaven (Emphasis added).

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